Pet foster program of VAW shelter clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas

What We Do

What is SafePet?

SafePet Ottawa fosters companion animals for women and their children who need to exit from domestic violence into the safety of local Violence Against Women (VAW) shelters.

We are veterinary clinics, fosters, behaviourists and sometimes your next-door neighbour.

We provide necessary veterinary intake and long- or short-term fostering for the duration of a woman’s stay in her shelter.

Upon exiting a shelter, we reunite owners with their pets so that they can move into a better future together.

In Ontario, 48% of women who should be exiting from situations of domestic violence delay leaving — or don’t leave at all. They are afraid to leave their companion animal(s) behind, lest it become their proxy at the hands of the batterer.

SafePet Ottawa What We Do

Delay can be deadly. SafePet saves lives.

Please consider becoming a SafePet Foster and provide shelter to animals in need of safety.


Everyone counts.

Volunteers are greatly appreciated to help us spread the word about the helpful services we offer, to conduct invaluable research and to coordinate community events & fundraisers. Fill-out an application today to join our amazing team!

SaePet Ottawa Who We Are

How does SafePet work?

Pet Fosters in the Ottawa area (men & women over 18 years of age) take-in pets that belong to women who are residents of VAW shelters. The Fosters provide pets with food, shelter and appropriate exercise so that women at risk of abuse can stay in safety at the VAW shelter until they are ready to exit without having to worry about their pets’ well being.

SafePet Veterinarians provide assistance to SafePet by serving as a neutral location where the pet owner can drop-off their pet before entering a VAW shelter. The Veterinarian then completes a health exam and administers any needed vaccinations to the animal. The identities of the pet’s owner and Foster are kept strictly confidential for the security and well being of the pet and volunteers.

Once the woman exits the shelter, she is reunited with her pet(s). The hub for pick-ups and transfers between Foster and owner is at the intake Veterinarian’s practice.

Usually, the VAW shelter will arrange transport for the woman from her current residence to the shelter, so the drop-off of the pet will be done on the way to the shelter.

We could use your help.

SafePet is a non-profit organization managed by volunteers and funded by donations.