Pet foster program of VAW shelter clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas

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Due to the sensitive nature of our work with women and animals being potential victims of violence, we screen all volunteers before granting them special privacy privileges. All content is kept strictly confidential with SafePet Ottawa. Only some information will be shared with the veterinary clinic caring for the fostered animal(s) in your care.

Volunteer Pet Foster Parents are required to provide two references please— their vet and anyone else of their choice. Your vet is required mainly for emergency purposes.

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If you have conditions to housing animals, please list them:
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Where will your foster pet be kept while you are home?*
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Are all of your pets spayed/neutered?*
Are all of your pets up-to-date on their vaccinations? This is for your own animals' health & safety.*
If any of your pets are intact, please explain the reason and their gender (Please answer if not all pets are altered):
What type(s) of pets would you be willing to accept (Please check all that apply):*
How many animals are you prepared to foster at one time? Some may arrive in pairs/groups:*
Are you willing to handle potential pet behaviours, such as: marking, scratching, digging, chewing, clawing, barking, soiling, etc.? We ask because even a housebroken dog or litter-trained cat can have incidents during a stressful move.*
Some animals may have been injured, have had recent surgery or are managing a chronic illness that requires daily medications orally or subcutaneous injections. Are you willing to help an animal in this case? Do you have experience? (Training can be provided)
How long a term would you be prepared to foster a pet?*
*The average fostering period is 3–4 months.
What type(s) of behaviour/activity would you not be prepared to handle?

Please provide us with references.

Name of your Veterinarian Clinic (required for fosters who have had a pet within the last ten years):
Phone Number for Vet Clinic (required for fosters who have had a pet within the last ten years):
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Are you willing to obtain a Police Records Check? It will be no cost to you as long as you request a letter from us, stating that you are a volunteer. *

By clicking "SUBMIT" you agree to the following statements:

I have read the information provided about the SafePet Ottawa Program (we will provide more information upon application approval). I am over 18 years of age.

If you are applying to become a foster:

I understand that the pet I am fostering is the property of someone in crisis and any decisions regarding the pet and its future are fundamentally hers. For safety reasons I agree not to have contact with the pet's owner or know her identity.

I am aware of potential risks associated with this Program and agree to abide by the procedures outlined in the Guidelines, including taking the pet only to the designated veterinary clinic.

I understand that the pet(s) may have lived in a stressful and/or abusive environment and may therefore be very stressed when they come into care. SafePet Ottawa will not knowingly place a dangerous animal.

I agree to be personally responsible for the humane housing and care of the animal(s) I am fostering, and to be vigilant about safety for the pet. Cats must be kept indoors at all times, and dogs must be leashed at all times when in public and unfenced areas. I agree not to travel with the pet nor leave it in the care of someone else (unless arrangements are made through SafePet Ottawa).

I certify that my own pets are up to date on all their regular annual or triennial vaccines (which include DHLPP and rabies for dogs, FVRCP and rabies for cats). Proof of litter testing may be accepted.

I acknowledge that, if for some reason I am unable to continue fostering, the pet is to be returned to SafePet Ottawa. I agree not to sell, euthanize, or give away the pet that I am fostering.

I authorize SafePet Ottawa at its discretion to conduct an on-site inspection of the premises where the animal will be fostered and to check the references I have provided.

I agree to foster and be responsible for the pet for up to three months (or the time agreed to) after which the agreement can be extended or the animal returned to SafePet Ottawa to find another foster family.

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Thank you for applying to foster animals in need of safety.

Once your submission is received, a Volunteer Coordinator will approve your application and send you a username and password in a separate email. Further instructions will follow.